Gran Canaria is a miniature continent, a sampler of quite uncommon sceneries in the middle of an extremely diverse archipelago. This is why UNESCO awarded the island the Biosphere Reserve label, to actively support the conservation of the pieces that make up this puzzle of natural settings, a different and very peculiar micro-world. Nearly half the island’s geographical space has been included in this reserve, comprising six rural communities linked to traditional activities.

Gran Canaria's essence as land of contrast is also evident in its coastline. From there up to 300 metres of altitude, the environment is arid to hyper-arid, filled with thistle and euphorbia. The bottom of ravines and valleys are home to palm trees, salt cedar, and willow groves.

The coastline, with wide immersed deltas, underwater volcanic gorges, tall cliffs, and interconnected sand banks… such natural blend affords a rich biodiversity, home to the loggerhead turtle, the bottlenose dolphin, and Risso’s dolphin. Every day they all meet for a new performance. One thousand climates and a million natural species all dancing together on an island that is a Biosphere Reserve.

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